Sun Dolphin Aruba 10: Something for Everyone/Sun Dolphin Aruba 10: A Time for Fun/Sun Dolphin Aruba

Whether you are an old hand at kayaks or just a beginner, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 could be just the thing to cement your love of the sport. It doesn’t matter if you want to explore lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water, the Aruba 10 has virtually everything you could possibly want in a kayak and more. From the moment you step in the cockpit, you will be surprised with how roomy the entry is. Go ahead and settle in, because once you do that you will be convinced that this is one of the best all-around kayaks available anywhere. Put your feet against the molded adjustable foot braces, and you will think that this one was made specifically for you.

Your intent could be recreational kayaking, boating, fishing, or anything else, the Aruba 10 is perfect for whatever your use might be. At 10 feet long and made of a sturdy UV-stabilized fortiflex high-density polyethylene, the Aruba 10 can take virtually anything that you put up against it and still be ready for more. Further, at less than 90 lbs., the Aruba 10 is easy to transport by whatever means you have and has the weight to keep sturdy against anything, no matter how rough things get, in the water and out.

If your purpose is just an easy day out on the water, you’re going to wonder how you could consider anything other than the Aruba 10 as your personal island. It has an adjustable padded seat with a high back support to keep your comfortable. There are also convenient gear storage ports on the deck, with shock cord rigging so you can attach virtually anything you want to take with you. There’s even a molded water bottle holder so you can keep your cool while you’re busy.

Colors the Aruba 10 are available in are lime, ocean, pink, and red. Why not get one for yourself and one of each color for the other members of your family or your friends. The Aruba 10 is just another word for fun when it comes to kayaking, whatever you happen to want to do with it. In fact, chances are good that you will discover something new to use your Aruba 10 with every time you take it out.


And when it’s time to call it a day, unload everything quickly and use the convenient carrying handles to bring it ashore. Don’t worry about where you will store it while you’re on the beach since it will give you such a good time while you’re on the water that everyone will probably want to take their chance with the ultimate self-propelled pleasure craft. In fact, it won’t be a matter of what you do with your Aruba 10, it will be a matter of what you do next. The Aruba 10 has proved itself for being so sturdy, stable, and fun to use that everyone will want to have their chance. There’s nothing like kayaking in the Aruba 10 to get your started on an entirely new adventure of a lifetime.

UK Maintains Stance on Marijuana, Chronic Pain Patients Suffer

UK on Medical MarijuanaPatients are unnecessarily suffering due to the stringent law around marijuana in the U.K. This is the argument of Britain’s leading experts on cannabis according on their latest report. They urged the British government to loosen up on the substance so that patients can benefit from its pain-reducing effects. Continue reading “UK Maintains Stance on Marijuana, Chronic Pain Patients Suffer”

Risk of Heart Disease Can Be Lowered by Niacin

heart diseaseHeart disease is the leading cause of disease-associated death in America. Most patients at risk of heart disease are concerned with keeping cholesterol and lipids at lower levels. However, high-density lipoproteins, or HDL, are often known as “good” cholesterol has been shown to be associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Continue reading “Risk of Heart Disease Can Be Lowered by Niacin”

Diet that Deals with Early Onset Ulcer

ulcer pain
An ulcer is a sore within the lining of your stomach, triggered by a bacterial infection that weakens the protective layer of the stomach. This results in its eventual corrosion from the potent stomach acid present. The most common symptom associated with ulcers is localized pain in the stomach, caused by the acid in the stomach consuming the lining of the tissue. Continue reading “Diet that Deals with Early Onset Ulcer”

Advocating Patient Rights in Nursing Homes

nursing homes

As the baby boomers get older, so do their parents. Many of those parents are in nursing homes right now. It’s important for children of the elderly to know their parent’s legal rights when in this situation. Having an action plan will go a long way to reduce the burden of stress when it’s necessary to advocate for a parent in a nursing home. Continue reading “Advocating Patient Rights in Nursing Homes”

Considering Cancer Therapy as an Option

cancer therapy

A number of factors determine what constitutes an effective cancer therapy. The type (benign and malignant) and organ involved are some of the determinant factors.

An ideal cancer therapy would involve killing or removing cancer cells while leaving normally growing cells intact. When the tumor is accessible, like in small superficial skin tumors, removal is possible. In less accessible cases, however, a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be necessary. New and experimental techniques also promise alternatives for safer and more effective cancer therapy. These are gene therapy, bone marrow and stem cell transplants, protease inhibitors and anti angiogenesis drugs. Telomerase inhibitors targeting cell division process and biological therapies enhancing immune system’s response are also being explored. Continue reading “Considering Cancer Therapy as an Option”

Getting Around the Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine AlternativesPrior to flu season, the media reports that millions of people will develop the flu causing an approximate death count of 36,000 people. But dying from the flu is rare.

According to the preliminary report from CDC website in 2002, the number of deaths from the flu was estimated to be around 753. The final total of deaths from the flu for the year 2001 was 257 not 36,000. Continue reading “Getting Around the Flu Vaccine”