Diet that Deals with Early Onset Ulcer

ulcer pain
An ulcer is a sore within the lining of your stomach, triggered by a bacterial infection that weakens the protective layer of the stomach. This results in its eventual corrosion from the potent stomach acid present. The most common symptom associated with ulcers is localized pain in the stomach, caused by the acid in the stomach consuming the lining of the tissue. Continue reading “Diet that Deals with Early Onset Ulcer”

Getting Around the Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine AlternativesPrior to flu season, the media reports that millions of people will develop the flu causing an approximate death count of 36,000 people. But dying from the flu is rare.

According to the preliminary report from CDC website in 2002, the number of deaths from the flu was estimated to be around 753. The final total of deaths from the flu for the year 2001 was 257 not 36,000. Continue reading “Getting Around the Flu Vaccine”